Sid Ludlow
District Commissioner

This role is to ensure that the District thrives and has the best systems in place to support all adult volunteers including production of a vision for the development of Scouting in Southport. The District Commissioner is also ultimately responsible for making Scouting attractive to young people and adults from all backgrounds, while creating an adequate team of supported and appropriate adults working effectively together and with others to meet the Scouting needs of the area. The District Commissioner is the line manager for all managers within Southport as well as the direct support point for anyone with a challenge.

Ian Bench
Deputy District Commissioner

This role is very similar to the District Commissioner, however the focus of the role in on Adult support. This can mean training, recruitment, retaining and supporting while also developing those areas. The Deputy District Commissioner for People is jointly responsible with the District Commissioner, for creating an adequate team of supported and appropriate adults working effectively together and with others to meet the Scouting needs of the area. The Deputy District Commissioner supports the District Commissioner in the role of line manager for all managers within Southport as well supporting directly where required by the District Commissioner.

Lucy James
District Youth Commissioner

The Aim of the District Youth Commissioner is to champion, encourage and lead the work to ensure that, Scouting in the District is shaped by young people in partnership with adults. This is achieved by working in partnership and collaboration and with all adults in the District. The District Youth Commissioner is responsible for supporting the shaping of the programme by the youth membership as well as embedding young people in the decision making throughout the District.

Heather Skelland
Local Training Manager - Southport

The Local Training Manager is responsible for ensuring the provision of suitable training in Southport so that all adults in Scouting completing a personal learning plan have access to suitable learning opportunities using a variety of methods. The Local Training Manger is also responsible for appointing and assigning new members a Training Adviser. The Training Advisor will work one to one to guide new members through the joining and training process.

Rich Blake
District Communications Manager

The District Communications Manager will seek out and identify local good news stories happening in Scouting and promote these to the local Media as well as regularly promote the image of modern Scouting organisation via both Social and other media. The Communications Manager will also Work with all members of Scout Groups to promote Scouting and to facilitate good communication within and outside the organisation.

Mark Furness
Assistant District Commissioner - Cubs

Ensure purpose, method, policies and programme are carried out throughout the Section in the District Assist Group Scout Leaders in the encouragement of all Leaders in the Section to provide a balanced Programme Work in partnership with District Commissioner in the management of the District and the Section’s programme and activities Maintain contact relevant to the Section age group with in the local community Promote the Section’s Scouting to the local Community Support the District Commissioner in the development of the District.

Nic Tanner
District Duke of Edinburgh Award Advisor

The District Duke of Edinburgh Award Advisor is responsible for issuing of Entrance assist as part of the authorisation process as well as support the presentation of badges and certificates. Discuss with participants their choice of activities and give advice where needed as well as record participants’ progress through the Award help young people to continue the Award to completion. Authorise Awards at a Bronze level.

Arran Haigh
District Scout Network Commissioner

The District Scout Network Commissioner is the Manager of the Scout Network Section and is responsible for proactively enabling Scout Network members to shape and participate in the programme of Activities aimed at supporting the members and community. The District Scout Network Commissioner is also responsible for linking with Explorer units to ensure continuity of members as well as greater co-operation.

Kath Lawrence
District Appointments Secretary

The Appointments Secretary plays an important
role in administering the appointment of adults
within the Southport District. This will include recording adult applications, sending for
references, arranging approval meetings, ensuring relevant checks are processed, reviewing the progress
of applications and passing on certificates of appointment for local presentation.

Laura Monahan
District Young Leader Leader

The Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader) is the Section Leader for an Explorer Scout (Young
Leader) Unit. They are responsible for developing and ensuring quality training and supervision of Young
Leaders within the District. This includes ensuring that this provision is open to all Explorer Scouts in the

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