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Additional Resources are here to help

This area contains additional areas of support for all volunteers within Sefton North Scouts.

Our rule book

The Scout associations rule book is called Policy, Organisation and Rules. The new ‘easy to read’ version is linked below.

Our membership System

Compass is a free, secure tool from The Scout Association to help you keep track of your adult Members in the Scouts.

Researched, developed and tested with Members in a range of Scout roles, Compass can perform a range of functions to make many aspects of Scout admin quicker and easier to manage in one place. The system safely stores data about adult members and allows you to perform useful tasks with that information.

There is a video giving an overview of Compass.

The support site at has been set up to help you use Compass. It provides a range of guides and resources, all of which aim to answer any questions you may have, helping you to complete processes you need to carry out as part of your role. Use the menu along the top of the page on the support site to navigate and explore the  help available.

Safety Paperwork

As with all activities safety is a top priority. When running over night events or some activities, informing the DC is a requirement. Risk assessments are also required for all scout events & meetings. Links to all of this can be found below.

Recognising and Celebrating our Volunteers

Our volunteers are key to our ongoing success. Meeting our goals can only be achieved via the dedication of many volunteers. This commitment and dedication is worthy of celebration. Thus we regularly look at all our volunteers to ensure that they are recognised for their efforts. If you wish to nominate a volunteers in Sefton North Scouts please follow the below link to find out how.

Our Brand

In the Scout Brand centre learn more about our brand and get all you need to create great communications. Download guidelines and logos straightaway, or if you are an adult volunteer you can register to access a wide range of tools, resources and templates.


Social Media support (2020 update)

As we update our Social media offering a guidance fact sheet can be found here Social media factsheet.



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