Explorer Scouts take action to help local Scout Campsite

Date: 4th Jul 2019 Author: Richard Blake

6 Explorer Scouts from Spearhead ESU recently volunteered their time to help the staff at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre with some site maintenance.

As well as spending the weekend camping, the explorers took the initiative to volunteer their services to help the staff, as well as boost their nights away totals and work on a project to help towards their Queen’s Scout Awards, the highest badge you can achieve in Scouts.

Ben, a member of the Explorers said

“Last weekend, I lead a passport camp, that is a camp without leaders, for Spearhead ESU. 6 Explorers attended, and we spent the weekend helping the staff at Tawd Vale. Our jobs started with toilet cleaning at 9.30 in the morning, much later than expected, this was our job again in the early afternoon and just after tea. We were also tasked with pulling up the Himalayan balsam plants across the site, a species of plant soon to be considered invasive.”

“Following this we were sent to clear out ditches on the east river sites, which was by far the hardest task we were given. As well as helping site staff, we had plenty of time to relax. We spent the majority of our time talking around the fire or playing cards. We all thoroughly enjoyed the break from our phones and the outside world, and spent the time speaking to each other instead.”

“The most valuable thing I learnt was that everything needs to be planned far in advance. Much of my planning was done a few weeks before the camp, which resulted in it being rushed. My best advice for any other explorers running a passport camp, is to plan a menu, and kit list at least a month in advance so that if you forget anything you can change it with plenty of time.”

The Duty Warden at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre was delighted with their hard work and efforts. She commented :

“they have performed extremely well, they have worked hard and are a credit to their leaders and Southport Scouts. Personally I would be happy to have them back to carry out more work on site in future”.

If you would like to get involved in Helping the Tawd Vale team, or would like to get Young People involved, please visit their site here:


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