Sefton North governance meeting (EGM)

Date: 11th Dec 2019 Author: Ian Bench

The Extraordinary General Meeting of the Sefton North District Scout Council will take place on January 9th at 19:00 at Waterside Lodge Reserve your place HERE. Attached to this message are various papers for you to review, these are:

Sefton North District Scout Council

Extraordinary General Meeting Notice and Covering Letter
Extraordinary General Meeting Agenda
District Executive Nomination Form

Do please read through these various documents and don’t forget the deadline for submission of a nomination.

In addition and immediately after the District EGM we will hold an EGM for Waterside Lodge Southport Ltd to approve the name change that has been necessitated by the District mergers.


Waterside Lodge Southport Ltd.

Extraordinary General Meeting Notice and Covering Letter
Articles of Association

Thereafter we will be able to enjoy some refreshments and chat with those others who have attended.

If you are intending to join us at the meeting will you please register via Eventbrite using this link.

Best wishes,

Sid Ludlow
District Commissioner

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