#ScoutFromHome Planning Zone

#ScoutFromHome Planning Zone

Welcome to our Planning Zone

The aim of this area is to let you in on our plans for the coming week so you can get prepared with equipment if needed. We can also give some extra alternatives for the same activity or suggestions on different activities if you have already done a given days challenge.

Week three

From the 6th April we are working towards the theme of Well-being.

  • Necker flip
    • Only a necker and a young person needed for this one
  • Mini Golf
    • you will need some recycling a ball
    • any house hold items to use as obstacles and a hole
  • Mail a Hug
    • A big bit of paper (wall paper or taped sheets will work)
    • Envelope and a stamp
    • Pen’s paint or other colours
  • Share some happiness on a little walk
    • Write a message or draw a picture
    • Go for a walk and post to a friend relative or neighbour
  • Make a fitness video
    • Music and a camera

Week two

From the 30th March we are working towards the theme of Community.

  • Hopscotch path
    • needs some chalk
    • Please ensure safe distancing while completing this challenge
  • Chin and Chat
    • you will need to film a short clip on you phone or tablet to send in
    • some craft items can be used googley eyes or just washable pens.
  • Thanking Key workers
    • Paper and colours are needed for this one only
  • Loo roll families
    • Loo rolls and other craft materials
    • some ideas are on the post for possibilities and it can be anything.

Week one

From the 23rd March we are working towards the theme of Creativity. The daily activities and equipment are as follows:

  • Design a badge for CRE8
    • needs to be sent via email to CRE8@merseysidescouts.com
    • or #cre8merseysidescouts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Create a Scouting Lego scene
    • Requires Lego and imagination
  • Build a bird feeder
    • Bottle, i.e. ketchup bottle
    • string
    • plastic tray such as a yogurt pot lid or base
  • Design a comic strip
    • paper, colouring pencils and imagination again
  • Virtual tour of one of 12 museums
    • A phone/tablet or computer
    • choose from one of twelve international museums

Two spare activities

Really rubbish maps

Reuse your recycling to create a map of your community, and models of your services.

  • You will need
    • Scissors
    • Coloured pens or pencils
    • Craft materials (for example, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, stickers)
    • Clean items of recycling
    • A map of your local area

More information 

Show your art to grow your art

Create three masterpieces and share them with your friends before putting on a grand exhibition think of creative ways of sharing your work online with your friends.

  • You will need
    • Scrap paper
    • Coloured pens or pencils
    • Sticky tape

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If you have any ideas or requests please get in touch via our contact page HERE.

‘Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls